Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FRESH Fan Mail

Mr. Edwin:
As an artist and collector, I found it very interesting that you felt the need to insult other kinds of art in your article meant to promote your strengths, calling Long Island a "cultural wasteland of sports bars and cover bands, lighthouse and floral paintings, strip malls and nail salons."
Is it really necessary to denegrate other forms of art to make your organization's purpose more meaningful? Can't you just promote your art on its own merit?
If you know your art history, you'd know that even the Impressionists were considered scandalous and "out there" when they first developed their methods of painting. Perhaps one day your members' art will be considered traditional too. Do they then deserve to be insulted by the next big thing? I think not.
So open up your mind a little more Mr. Edwin - art is subjective and there's room for all kinds.


Received Tuesday, August 18th

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