Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Subtle Art Of Transition

Michael Cursed

Toast Coffeehouse
242 E Main St Port Jefferson, NY

Opening Reception Thursday, April 8th

"The Subtle Art Of Transition" is a solo exhibition of recent works by artist Michael Cursed. The series began through the exploration of watercolors and later on ink. The two mediums seemed like a natural fit. In working with the watercolors and ink, Cursed was able to find his love for drawing again, but on a whole new level. The two mediums play off of one another creating a interesting contrast of vibrant washy colors and black ink. His process began with laying down the paint and finding his way with the ink with no sketch, planning or subject matter in mind. Mixed within the show are some larger paintings done in acrylic and spraypaint.

Michael Cursed has exhibited in various small art bars on Long Island and in the East Village in NYC. FRESH is pleased to once again feature the work of this extremely talented, up and coming loc
al art

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