Monday, June 14, 2010

Zig's Transfiguration

Opening Reception Thursday, June 12th
242 E Main St Port Jefferson

Artist Andrew "Zig" Leipzig brings his Digital Pop-Surrealist works to Toast. Featuring anachronistic themes and visions, Zig weaves together the visual language of fine art and the media driven realities of the modern world into an extraordinarily powerful synthesis and an incisive comment on art, perception and the human condition.

"Influenced by society’s increasing commercialization (and, as graphic designer, a minister of it) this artist creates surrealist works that are acutely intuitive but do not take themselves too seriously. Commentary on modern life can be interpreted with or without a sense of scorn—a lack of condescension on the artist’s part leaves it to the viewer to decide." – Pulse Magazine

Through June 29th

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Eli said...

Yeah Zig! Can't wait to see it!